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Welcome to Absolute Cooling Tower Inc.

Absolute Cooling Tower Inc. was founded on the principles of quality, integrity, value, and safety. 
These principles are the driving force behind our commitment to all of our customers.


We constantly strive to provide the utmost in service at prices that are truly fair and reasonable.
From the largest construction, upgrade, repair or maintenance project, to sales of the smallest parts, Absolute Cooling Tower Inc. delivers maximum value with the most competitive rates you will find and a quality of workmanship that is unsurpassed industry wide.

Safety is our number one priority. Our comprehensive safety training program is designed to cover all aspects of ensuring a safe working environment, from monthly equipment inspections, to proper use of PPE, to first aid, OSHA 30 hour and CPR certification for all of ur superintendents and foreman, Absolute Cooling Tower Inc. is committed to protecting the health and safety of both our employees and yours.

We have extensive experience and our crews are the most competent and qualified in the industry. For all phases of cooling tower construction, repair, maintenance, or performance upgrades, our services truly are the one source for all your needs.

Our clients include Major Manufacturing and Process Plants, Refineries, Hospitals, Chemical Companies, Universities, CoGeneration facilities and Commercial Buildings in Barrie, Toronto, London and other Ontario areas.
We have a reputation of excellence, reliability and superior customer service.
We would like to demonstrate to you that true quality workmanship is second nature to our crews and management team.
We look forward to servicing your needs!

Cooling Tower Services

Mechanical Repairs
Absolute Cooling Tower Inc. uses only the highest quality parts to ensure the highest level of performance for our customers.

Thermal Components
The contact point between air and water is where the heat transfer occurs. This makes the heat transfer media, or “fills” the heart of a cooling tower.
Thermal Evaluation & Upgrade
We can provide a full thermal evaluation of your cooling tower’s thermal performance and recommend options for improving performance.
New Towers
Absolute Cooling Tower Inc. provides all the necessary services for designing (thermal and structural), procuring, and installing new cooling towers.

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